Cheque writing and printing software solutions


Paystation’s CPE Cloud is a Cheque Writing & Printing Software solution designed and built with security in mind. This state of the art cloud based application is highly configurable, fast to deploy and provides a low cost of ownership for all of your cheque printing needs.

CPE Cloud streamlines the production of all cheque related documents by integrating directly to your host financial system utilizing a combination of cloud based technology, local components and the very best in MICR laser technology.

All cheques are printed with bank details, corporate and bank logos, currency symbols and signatures in one pass of the printer following strict security protocol that meets bank mandate requirements.

Using this Cheque Writing & Printing Software, the final result is a professional looking and highly secure cheque document that will be printed in a matter of seconds


Paystation’s CPE+ (Computer Payments Enterprise Plus) software was the first 64-bit secure payment and cheque production solution available, which has proven to be market leading in terms of adaptability, control and functionality. Our technology is designed to work with virtually all existing I.T. and financial software solutions, so that you do not have to replace, enhance or modify your existing system.

Our technology can be configured to print cheques or issue payments in any format or currency you require. Whether your business is multi-national, banking, blue-chip or public sector—CPE+ will increase efficiency and enhance security – ultimately saving you time and money – all while future-proofing and protecting your cheque production for many years to come.

CPS – Computer Payment Software

Paystation’s CPS (Cheque Payment Software) is the “go-to” solution for cheque printing automation and protection for small to mid-sized businesses.

Our technology is designed to work with virtually all existing Windows®-based financial and accounting software packages. What this means for you is that you do not have to upgrade your existing software or procedures to get state of-the-art cheque production and security. CPS has the flexibility to print on both pre-printed or blank cheque stock.

For companies not yet utilizing the preferred security solution of printing on blank cheque stock, CPS is clearly your easiest and most cost-effective way to switch to this process – giving you both added security and cost savings. CPS allows custom configuration of your cheques, for multiple accounts and currencies, including the addition of your company logo. The easy-to use template system gives you complete control all while maintaining the required CPA- 006 cheque standard for Canada.