About Paystation

Paystation is a leading Canadian Payment Technology Company established in 1955.
Since 1955, Canadian banks and businesses have trusted Paystation to be the premier provider for their banking and payment solutions.

Our wide base of customers trust our 65 years of experience in payment solutions and document protection. We stay abreast of changing technologies and continually strive to bring to the Canadian marketplace affordably priced, premium quality products. Our customers trust our expertise and knowledge, allowing us to customize solutions to meet their precise and exacting standards.

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Trust in Paystation to be your solution service provider.

With three offices across Canada and representatives servicing all regions, Paystation supports cheque scanners with unprecedented levels of customer service, which include fulfillment, deployment and maintenance.

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Latest News

Introducing the CPE CLOUD 1.1 1
June 8, 2022

Introducing CPE Cloud

Paystation’s CPE-Cloud is a secure payment and cheque production solution designed and built with security in mind. This state-of-the-art cloud-based application is highly configurable, fast to deploy and provides a low cost of ownership for all your cheque printing needs.
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65 logo illustator
April 22, 2020

65 Years Celebration

Over the years, the market has changed significantly and Paystation has kept itself up-to-date with increased technological advancements by introducing new products like cheque scanners, and software solutions to information security destruction.
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Introducing eChequeWriter
September 19, 2019

Introducing eChequeWriter

Protect and sign (optional) your cheques with Paystation’s eChequeWriter! A software that combines security, speed and processing efficiency to meet the needs of today’s businesses.
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