What is Remote Deposit Capture?
Remote Deposit Capture or RDC, facilitates businesses to deposit cheques to their banking account using a cheque scanner and a bank’s depositing application from their place of business.
Is remote deposit capture right for my business?
Remote deposit capture or RDC saves you time by avoiding bank visits to deposit your cheques. RDC also lowers your cost by avoiding expedited shipping charges and provides flexibility to deposit your cheques at your convenience.
How do I get started with the Remote Deposit Capture program?
Every bank offers a unique remote deposit program for their customers. Contact your bank’s customer support to learn more about their RDC program. It is always a good idea to ask your bank or credit union about which cheque scanners are compatible with their software application and whether they require an inkjet or non-ink jet scanner.
What is the difference between an inkjet and non-ink jet cheque scanner?
When depositing cheques, a few banks require a cheque scanner to create a physical endorsement at the back of the cheque. An ink-jet scanner has the capabilities to create such endorsements at the back of a cheque, while a non-inkjet scanner does not perform this specific function. Paystation offers both inkjet and non-inkjet scanners depending on your needs. Before you purchase a scanner, it is always a good idea to check with your bank if they require the scanner to have an inkjet endorsing feature. Request a quote.
How do I choose the right cheque scanner for my business needs?
Paystation offers a wide range of scanners to meet every business’s unique needs. Learn more.
How do I purchase a cheque scanner?
Paystation offers wide range of cheque scanners from the top brands in the market, which includes Digital Check, Panini and Canon scanners. To purchase a cheque scanner, you can create an account on Paystation’s ordering portal.
How do I purchase an inkjet cartridge for a cheque scanner
Paystation offers a single-line inkjet cartridge, which is compatible with Digital Check and Panini cheque scanners. Inkjet cartridges are only required for inkjet scanners. To purchase an inkjet cartridge, you can create an account on Paystation’s ordering portal.
How do I clean a cheque scanner?
Cleaning your cheques scanners periodically with cleaning cards is recommended to increase the efficiency of the scanner. Learn more .
What warranty options are offered by Paystation?
Digital check’s scanners come with a 1-year depot warranty. Panini scanner’s come with a 2-year depot warranty. Paystation offers Extended warranty and Advanced Unit Exchange program options. Learn more.
What should I do when my cheque scanner is not working?
Contact your bank’s technical support to determine whether the problem is related to the software or the hardware component. If it is a hardware-related issue, Paystation would be happy to assist you with timely and reliable support. Kindly contact us.