How To Choose The Right Cheque Scanner For Your Business Needs

How To Choose The Right Cheque Scanner For Your Business Needs

Businesses rely on several ways to deposit their cheques based on their needs. Whether it involves making a visit to the bank, enrolling in a remote deposit capture program, using a regular scanner or all-in-one printer or simply using a smartphone app to deposit their cheques. Having a dedicated cheque scanner is the most effective way to use remote deposit capture, however it can be a difficult task to choose from a vast variety of scanners available in the marketplace. Here are some of our recommendations to determine the right cheque scanner for your business needs, based on the volume of cheques deposited by a business.

For businesses depositing up to 30 cheques per day, a low volume, single-feed cheque scanner such as Digital Check’s CX30 or Panini’s I:Deal is recommended. These cheque scanners are a popular choice among small-scaled businesses; while being affordable, it does not compromise on its performance and quality.

For up to 50 cheques per day, a mid volume, batch-feed cheque scanner that deposits up to 50 cheques per minute with automatic batch insertion such as Digital Check’s Teller scanner TS240-50 or Panini’s Vision X 50 is recommended.

For over 50 cheques deposited per day, a high volume, batch-feed cheque scanner such as the Digital Check’s TS240-100, TS500, SmartSource Pro Elite, or Panini’s EverneXt 100/160 is recommended. These scanners are designed to process up to 100 to 160 cheques per minute.

Before you decide to purchase a scanner, it’s recommended to ask your bank or credit union about the compatibility of the cheque scanner with their software. Both Digital Check and Panini products are supported by almost all financial institutions; however, some require specific models or features such as an inkjet endorsement at the back of the cheques.