4 Ways Teller Capture Improves the Customer Experience

The 21st century is the century of high-tech, speedy devices, and these devices have taken over every industry sector. Banking is one of the sectors that has leveraged technology to the fullest. From ATM cards and cashless transactions to teller capture, banking has come a long way.

Though the concept of teller capture is still in adoption, it has definitely proved itself worthier than branch capture so far. On the one hand, where branch capture involves scanning of deposited checks at the end of the day, teller capture deals with cheque scanning over the counter in the presence of the customer.

4 Ways Teller Capture Transforming the Banking Experience

There are many other ways by which teller capture provides a top-notch customer experience! Let’s see what those are!

Real-time Processing

One of the obvious ways via which teller capture enhances user experience is by processing the cheques in front of them. Users can practically see their cheques being processed using speedy cheque scanners, so they are assured that the payments will be processed on the same day. This helps them save time, unlike branch capture, where it takes two to three days for the same process.

Fraud Detection

When it comes to dealing with money, one of the biggest concerns is money falling into the wrong hands. Unlike branch capture, where any discrepancies in the cheques could be discovered at the end of the day, teller capture is better. In the teller capture cheque verification process, the teller gets an audit trail via which they can instantly verify the legitimacy of the check.

While the customer is still at the window, they can be informed about duplicate deposits, account number errors, non-MICR ink, exceeded CTR limits, etc. Further, the required resolution steps can be undertaken.

Better Face-to-face Interaction

The best thing about using a Digital Check scanner, Panini cheque scanner or Canon cheque scanner by the teller is that they get to interact with the customer. In traditional cheque verification approaches where the cheques were manually verified, the tellers would get busy processing the cheques manually. This prevented them from having conversations with customers.

In the teller capture approach, the teller can feed the cheques to the cheques scanner for processing while interacting with the customer. Tellers can share valuable information, like new schemes, plans, etc., about their financial institution. Therefore, providing customers with an improved banking experience.

Hassle-free Processing

In the case of traditional cheque scanning methods, paper documents are more, and it becomes a hassle to handle them. This is where teller capture can be useful. The teller capture approach takes away the paperwork entirely. It just uses cheque images for verification and enables customers to check their receipts virtually.

Customers don’t have to handle any loose documents, thus enhancing the customer’s experience in terms of convenience. Further, the usability of cheque scanners creates less hassle and motivates customers to visit their bank branches.

Cheque scanner solution for financial institutions

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