SEM Model EMP1000-HS

SEM Model EMP1000-HS Magnetic Degausser


The Model EMP1000-HS has been evaluated by the NSA and is listed on the NSA EPL for High Security Magnetic Degausser, erasing data on 5,000 Oe Longitudinal and perpendicular recorded disk drives and 3,000 Oe for Tape Media.

The system offers high quality performance, a wealth of operator ease-of-use features and a built-in verification system ensuring each and every cycle is successful. On-board diagnostics confirm each and every erase cycle ensuring complete erasure every time while eliminating the need for a separate instrument to check the erasing force of the magnetic field. 

Compact and portable, the EMP1000-HS Magnetic Degausser can be easily transported to the location of the media for on-site erasure and de-classification. Also includes Universal power input with auto sensing at 120-240V at 50-60 Hz.


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