SEM Model EMP1000-HS & iWitness

SEM Model EMP1000-HS & iWitness


The EMP1000-HS NSA Listed Magnetic Degausser with the iWitness end-of-life documentation tool is a Deguass and Document Bundle that completely eliminates high security data from magnetic media in accordance with NSA and DoD Guidelines.

The Model EMP1000-HS is listed on the NSA EPL for High Security Magnetic Degausser, erasing data on 5,000 Oe Longitudinal and perpendicular recorded disk drives and 3,000 Oe for Tape Media.

The system offers high quality performance, a wealth of operator ease-of-use features and a built-in verification system ensuring each and every cycle is successful. 

The SEM iWitness is a plug and play, end-of-life documentation tool for IT destruction. The iWitness software records the media and documents the erasure status. The iWitness is designed to keep an audit trail and prompt the operator through the process so no step is missed.

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EMP1000-HS & iWitness