SEM Model 0315

The SEM Model 0315 is listed on the NSA/CSS Evaluated Products List (EPL) for HDD Destruction Devices as an approved solution for the “deformation of magnetic media hard drive platters”. Model 3015 is specifically designed for enterprise drive destruction

  • The 0315 enterprise shredder destroys enterprise hard drives, optical media, and assorted e-media, and is also appropriate for Unclassified/CUI destruction of solid state media.
  • Quiet and clean for office use
  • Dimensions: 43”H x 45”W x 20.5”D
  • Capacity: Up to 90 enterprise HDDs/hr. and/or up to 350 consumer drives/hr.
  • Feed Opening: 5.125”W x 1.5H
  • Particle Size:  1.5 mm x random