SEM Disintegrator 1012

The SEM Disintegrator Model 3  is a popular Light / Mid Duty Disintegrator, providing high volume destruction in excess of 600 lbs/hr (up to 250 Lbs. per hr. at NSA approved levels) and minimal space requirements.

The Model 3, like all of SEM’s Disintegrators have been evaluated by NSA and meet the requirements of NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 ~ High Security Disintegrators for PPKM (Paper/Punched Tape Material), the NSA/CSS 04-02 ~ Optical Media Destruction Devices and the NSA/ CSS 04-01 ~ Punch Tape Destruction Devices.

SEM Disintegrators deploy SOLID STEEL ROTORS with 5/8” thick Knives and 10 hold down Bolts per knife. This design generates greater Rotational Inertia resulting in more durable cutting system with increased cutting power to handle denser and larger volumes of material.

3/1012 Brochure