Model 1012/5 Bundle

If you need to shred high volumes of bulk waste down to a small particle size, you need a disintegrator. Specifying the components for a disintegrator system can be difficult. So, we’ve created Disintegrator Kits, which include everything you need to get your destruction job going in the most effective manner.

The kit includes the Model 1012/5 Disintegrator housed inside a modular steel sound enclosure with push button controls, single bag waste collection system integrated within the enclosure, hour meter, extra set of knives, qty 300 heavy duty (3-mil) waste collection bags, disintegrator tool kit and a 5 year warranty.

This SEM Disintegrator has been evaluated by NSA and with the standard 3/32″ screen, meets the requirements of NSA/CSS Specification 02-02, high security disintegrators and NSA/CSS 04-02, optical media destruction devices.

The 1012/5 VK is ideal for medium volume destruction of paper, optical media, key tape  and a variety of media in various waste particle sizes. Rated by the NSA at 500 pounds per hour for high security (3/32″ particle) and up to 1100 pounds per hour for non classified applications. Select from a variety of waste collection options with either a single or dual bag collection system.

Recommended room size for this equipment:
11′ D x 11′ W x 8’4″ H minimum