EBA 2026-2CCC Government Approved Paper Shredder

  • Centralized office paper shredder with innovative features
  • 260mm (10”) feed opening
  • Powerful 1300-Watt (1 ¾ HP) motor for continuous operation
  • This paper shredder includes a convenient 100 Litre shred bin made from unbreakable plastic
  • Solid cutting shaft made from especially hardened high-quality steel
  • Automatic oiler injects oil onto the cutting shafts during shredding for consistently high shred performance
  • Particle cut size: 0.8mm x 5mm
  • 1-year guarantee on the solid cutting shafts (under conditions of fair wear and tear)
  • ZERO ENERGY CONSUMPTION: after 30 minutes in stand-by, the machine automatically shuts down, saving energy

2026-2CCC Brochure