Cleaning Kits (Digital Check)

Cleaning Kits (Digital Check)

Cleaning kits are an easy way to get everything you need to keep your scanner running at peak performance.

Cards use perforated WaffleTechnology® and an improved solvent to maintain its usability for up to five minutes after opening as well as clean your scanner more thoroughly. Swabs have a compact swab head for detailed cleaning of the scanner. The cleaning solution on the swab will aid in removing some of the most stubborn dirt particles.

Cleaning takes only a few minutes to perform, but makes a tremendous difference in the scanner’s operation.

Part Numbers:

PS3/KIT-LARGE (includes 25 cleaning cards, 5 swabs and 2 wipes)
PS3/KIT-SMALL (includes 5 cleaning cards, 1 swab and 1 wipe)