Cheque Printing Software: What it is, Uses and Importance

Every organization tries to find ways to increase its productivity and effectiveness. Technological advancements have given birth to several devices that allow companies to become efficient. Cheque printing software is one such advancement that helps businesses streamline their financial processes.

In this blog, let’s quickly discuss what cheque printing software is and how it is beneficial.

Cheque Printing Software: What is It?

Cheque printing software is an application developed to manage and securely print cheques. The software allows you to print cheques within minutes, and various businesses whether a multi-national, banking, blue-chip or public sector have been using it. It also works in conjunction with existing IT and financial software solutions, thus making it a hassle-free addition to your existing system.

Benefits of Cheque Printing Software

Following are the reasons why a cheque printing software is beneficial for your organization:

The Cheque Printing Software Can be Used Easily

The cheque printing software has a user-friendly interface that provides all the modern features required for your financial transactions. It lets you securely bold print cheques quick and easy by simply importing a file from your accounting system.

Everything on One Platform

Some cheque printing software can securely consolidate EFT/ACH, Payroll, AP/Cheques & Positive Pay from one platform. By importing your AP/AR or Payroll cheque file produced from your accounting system, you can print cheques with ease. The EFT/ACH functions securely direct the EFT/ACH file to the bank to be processed and sends out a customized email to your vendors with an invoice attachment. This informs the customer when the funds will be expected in their account. With the Positive Pay feature, the software will create a Positive pay file that will be uploaded to your bank’s secure web site, catching fraud before it happens.

Bulk Printing of Cheques

A cheque writing software allows you to securely print your cheques in batches, making it a time-savvy software. The software is equipped to print out numerous cheques for the different individual/company, different amounts, different currencies, with different dates as specified by you. In addition, you’ll be able to edit the cheque list and print the cheques accordingly.

Print from Anywhere

With network printing, cheques can be approved and securely printed to different locations. If you have a division in Calgary and one in Edmonton, you can cross print and easily print the cheques to different locations. This boost productivity and encourages remote work environments.

Customize cheques

The cheque printing software allows you to customize the process of securely printing cheques and issuing payments in any format or currency. You can also modify the way a cheque looks by creating your own template and adding elements such as logos on the cheque. Lastly, it can print your cheques in multiple languages such as cheques printed in English, French or any other language you would wish to print it in.

Highly Secured

The cheque printing software processes payments faster and safeguards against all future changes that may be required or mandated. The software comes with an optional biometric authentication, swipe card, or password protection feature so you can limit the access to the software while keeping your data safe and secure. The software can be configured by allowing different authorized users to sign and print a cheque by setting a limit on the amount to be printed on the cheque. Lastly, some applications come with an Audit report feature that tracks the changes made to the software. The administrator will be notified by email of any changes made to the software.

Cheque writing and Printing software solutions for every business

The cheque printing software helps companies save money and time while increasing their efficiency. It becomes an asset for companies and individuals who deal in regular inflow & outflow of funds. Paystation offers customizable cheque printing software solutions for every kind of business. Our solution is designed to help you manage multiple streams of data at low cost, without compromising on cheque security. Let’s work together to help you find the right solution for your unique business needs. Contact our sales team today!