Accelerate Your Business With Easy Cash Handling

Accelerate Your Business With Easy Cash Handling

According to a recent study by Statista, 53% payments at point of sale in Canada are made by cash. Despite businesses trying to move to a cashless payment environment, there still seems to be a major market segment that primarily receive cash payments. Such businesses dealing with a huge volume of currency attract several operational issues related to mishandling of currency, counting errors, manually checking for counterfeits bills and most importantly the time spent on counting cash. One of the best ways for businesses to step up their game would be by investing in cash counting machines.

Benefits of currency counters

Employees spend a considerable amount of time counting money on a daily basis. As a result, the cash handling cost associated to a business heavily dependent on cash payments can be high and may involve glitches due to errors, inaccurate reporting and security concerns. Thus, the need to streamline the cash handling process by incorporating currency counting machines is an ideal solution for businesses dealing with high volumes of currency.

Quick and accurate cash counting can allow employers to manage staff and spend more time providing quality customer service. An effective cash handling solution can also reduce losses, counterfeiting and help prevent miscount or discrepancies caused by human error. Cash counting machines eliminates the tedious and repetitive task associated in counting several bills daily.

Cash solution for every business

Paystation provides a simplified cash solution to accelerate your business with easy cash handling. Our Magner Currency counters are one of the most efficient cash counting machines that save time by quickly counting money and detecting counterfeits.

Magner is a global leader in desktop currency counter that offers the highest quality performance and productivity for many cash counting operations. Paystation offers three models of Magner currency counters with varying speed sets which includes the Magner 35-3 and Magner Series 7.

Take a step towards improving your cash handling process and leave behind the hassle.

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