6 Security Features Your Cheque Printing Software Needs

To help save time and money while improving efficiency, several businesses have adopted the approach of printing cheques at the comfort of their office using the software.  Cheque printing software lets you design, organize, track, and print your cheques securely without much effort. You can choose from multiple bank templates and customize the cheques as per your needs. The software also works in conjunction with existing IT and financial software solutions, thus making it a hassle-free addition to your existing system.

Despite several cheque production applications available in the market, a major concern faced by many companies is how secure is their cheque printing software. Every business must ensure that while they adopt advanced technology to streamline their financial processes, they must not waive out the importance of having a secure application in place.

Here are 6 security features your cheque printing software needs to be equipped with:

  • Secure passwords: Customizing password rules make passwords more secure while giving you control of the format of your passwords. Be it upper case characters, numbers, or a desired length of the passwords, we got you covered.
  • User groups: The User groups have a range of permissions you can assign, thus allowing you the flexibility to permit or restrict what a user can do and what they can access in the software.
  • Account restrictions: You can permit or restrict a user from seeing accounts on the software that they should not have access to. For example, you can restrict the payroll department from seeing the AP department accounts.
  • Authorization: This feature when turned on, stops unauthorized cheques from being printed. The user who is printing the cheques will have to get an Authorizer (Set up in the software) to come over and enter their credentials to allow the batch of cheques to be printed.  This can be carried out by using a password, swipe card or biometric authentication which can be limited to one or two authorizers.
  • Remote Authorization Module: With Remote Authorization, the Authorizer for the cheque printing software can be on a different floor, in another building, or working from home and can authorize the batches without being physically present in the office. This feature primarily stops a user from printing cheques or EFTs until the batch is authorized by a user assigned in the Authorizing group. An internet connection and access to your network are all you need to access this feature.
  • Audit reporting: This feature allows you to track any changes made to the software. Whether it is a change in an address, payee information, or a security change, the Audit report tracks the changes made to the software.  The system can also be set up to send out an email alert to the administrator notifying them of any software changes.

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