Intimus 14.95 S Large Capacity Industrial Shredder

The spacious feed table with integrated infeed conveyor belt provides controlled, effortless, safe and fast loading. The shredded material is collected in large-scale, mobile or swing-out containers under the cutting mechanism. The shred-press combinations are coupled to a baler for immediate fully automatic compaction of the cut material into compact bales.

  • Large document shredder for smooth and crumpled paper
  • 440 mm working width; suitable for all standard computer formats
  • Feeding via conveyor belt
  • “Bin full“ alarm, with simultaneous automatic stop of the shredding process
  • 200 l collecting bin supplied as standard equipment
  • Small footprint to fit through standard door openings
  • Mounted on rollers for flexible useMounted on rollers for flexible use
  • All doors secured with safety switches
  • Shred size – 6 X 50 mm and 3.8 X 40 mm 
  • Security Level – Type IIIB